Olaplex is a bond multiplying treatment that is designed to re – link broken disulphide bonds. Disulphide bonds are responsible for giving hair strength, and elasticity. Disulphide bonds are the strongest bonds that make up our hair, and can be broken by chemicals, and heat. When disulphide bonds brake the health of the hair is compromised. The hair breaks off easily, when disulphide bonds are broken. Disulphide bonds have the ability to re link on their own, but not all of the bonds link back together. Olaplex is designed to multiply these bonds during, after, and before chemical services giving you stronger, healthier chemically treated hair.

How Olaplex Helps To Reduce Breakage? Amino Acid



  • Olaplex can be mixed in to any color, relaxer, or other chemicals to prevent breakage during chemical services.
  • Olaplex cost an additional $15.00 when you get a blow dry, or roller set.
  • You can find out more about Olaplex here.