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Your hair needs a SMOOTH CURE.

Do you want soft, smooth, frizz-free hair without a chemical process?

If your answers is yes! You should try Joico’s Smooth Cure.


Smooth Cure sulfate-free formulas deliver up to 72 hours of dramatically soft, smooth, manageable hair because of Joico’s formaldehyde- free Kerashield ComplexTM of Keratin, Brazil Nut Oil and Tucuma Butter. These ingredients work in sync to safely moisturize and strengthen relaxed or natural hair. If you have fine or coarse hair that is dry and unmanageable smooth cure can tame it without harsh, harmful chemicals.

Who can benefit?

– Relaxed clients that blow dry and flatiron their hair often.

– Relaxed clients that want to stretch their relaxer touch up 1-2 weeks.

– Natural clients that want to flat iron their hair safely, and have their straighter style last longer.

– Transitioning from relaxed to natural and want smooth, manageable hair.

How to use Smooth Cure?

There are 4 easy steps for using Smooth Cure.

Shampoo twice with the smooth cure sulfate-free shampoo. Please rinse your hair thoroughly. If there is a slight coating left on the hair after you rinse the shampoo thoroughly don’t fret because the coating you feel is the smoothing and conditioning properties of the shampoo.
Condition hair with the smooth cure sulfate- free conditioner. Please be advised that this conditioner works well without heat. If you have excessively dry, damaged hair that is relaxed, natural or transitioning you may need to use a heat cap, hooded dryer or steamer to enhance the benefits of the conditioner. 15 minutes under a heat source is enough.
Towel dry your hair slightly. Add a small amount of smooth cure leave in rescue treatment through your hair. Please be advised that less is more with this leave in conditioner.
Spray Smooth Cure Thermal Style Protectant into hair lightly.
Blow dry and flat iron your hair as usual.

How often can Smooth Cure be used?

Smooth Cure can be used as often as you shampoo your hair. For healthy hair and scalp you should be shampooing once a week.

How much does this treatment cost in the salon?

– Relaxed Hair : $ 65.00 plus sales tax.

– Natural Hair : $ 85.00 plus sales tax.

* Prices increase depending on length, density and how long it takes to detangle your hair.

What is the retail price for Smooth Cure system?

We have a package of all 4 products. The package retails for $49.00 plus sales tax.

The package includes:

1 Smooth Cure Sulfate – free Shampoo

1 Smooth Cure Sulfate – free Conditioner

1 Smooth Cure Leave in Rescue Treatment

1 Smooth Cure Thermal Protectant Spray


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