Why A Relaxer or “Kiddie Perm” Is Not Necessary For Your Daughter’s Hair?

Why A Relaxer or “Kiddie Perm” Is Not Necessary For Your Daughter’s Hair?



Many women decide to relax their daughter’s hair at a young age because it helps them to manage their daughter’s hair easier.  Not all relaxers are created equal and just because a relaxer says “no-lye”, “kiddie perm”, or “texturizer”, on the box does not make it the best relaxer for your daughter’s hair.

Kiddie perms are designed for young children and are advertised to be gentle, no – lye, and for sensitive scalp.  These relaxers are misleading to consumers because they tend to under process the hair, making the hair feel dry, brittle which can lead to breakage. The hair will lack shine and moisture.  A relaxer 95% of the time is not necessary for young girls.  The best relaxer to use for your child if you choose this option is to ask a professional stylist to use a mild sodium hydroxide relaxer.  It is rare that I relax the hair of girls under 13 years of age.  We have many options to get smooth, manageable, shiny hair without using a relaxer to do so. Rather than using a relaxer for your daughter, try a chemical free smoothing amino acid treatment. This type of smoothing system can be done at home and will give your daughters hair the manageability needed to detangle, and style without hurting the scalp, or pulling on her hair.  You can use Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability™ System instead of a relaxer.

I can’t stress how important it is to never relax your child’s hair at home. Please take her to a salon and have a professional stylist consult with you about your child’s hair texture and services available to achieve the look and feel you want. Again, your child may not need a relaxer and there are several alternatives to make her hair more manageable.

So how do you as a parent choose what service is best for your child’s hair?

1. If your child’s hair is very fine and never holds a curl, she does not need a relaxer.
2. If your child has resistant hair, detangling is an issue for you and combing her hair is painful. You can use a chemical free amino acid smoothing system such as Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability™ System.  This system uses amino acids, olive oil, and shea butter to temporarily smooth the hair.  In approximately 6 weeks or more your child’s hair will revert to it’s natural hair texture. No chemicals are used to alter the hair. This will give your child more options to wear natural and relaxed hair styles.


Check out options for your child here:

Visit For a no relaxer smoothing system for ages
For a no chemical smoothing treatment for all ages.






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