What You Need to Consider Before You Go Natural

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Natural hair gives you the option to wear your hair in textured, or straight styles. Your hair, and scalp will be healthier because you stop using relaxers. Your hair can still be healthy with a relaxer, but over time, any chemical can affect the integrity of the hair. Going natural, can provide longer, thicker hair if you are going to do what it takes to take care of it.  If you are thinking of transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, here are seven things to consider first.

Be prepared to spend more money at the salon.

Natural hair takes more time to style, and maintain. In salons, services that take more time cost more money. If you are going to a salon, or hair stylist that specializes in natural hair, make sure you do your research, and read reviews to find out if the salon services are worth the investment.

Are you ready to be hands on with your hair?

Going natural requires you to know how to do your own hair. Spend time learning what your hair likes when it comes to conditioners, and styling products. Learning how to properly detangle your hair is vital if you want to have healthy natural hair.

Have realistic expectations of  your hair texture.

Remember, every one’s hair type is different. It is important to embrace the hair texture you have, instead of stressing yourself because you don’t have the “perfect” curl pattern you envisioned.

Do you like the way you look with textured hair styles?

Try natural hairstyles such as rod sets, and twist outs before you go natural to see if you like the look of natural hair on yourself. Trying textured styles out ahead of time is the perfect way to see if it will work for your lifestyle, and profession.

Do not become a product junkie.

Going natural does not mean you need to purchase a new product every time one hits the shelf. You just need to invest in a shampoo that is gentle on curls, and will not dry out your hair. It is good to have two types of conditioners. One that offers slip quickly when you do not have time to sit under a dryer, or steamer. Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm is perfect for a quick slip conditioner. Have a second conditioner that you can use for those days when you can sit under a heat source Jane Carter Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner is a great option.

Are you willing to trim your hair every three months?

Regular trims are essential to keeping natural hair healthy. Trims prevent natural hair from feeling dry, and brittle. They also prevent excessive tangling of textured hair.

Hydrate your hair, and put it in a protective style to help lock in moisture at night.

At night, you need to do chunky twist, plaits, or braids to prevent dryness. Hydrate your hair with a creamy product like Miss Jessie’s Baby ButterCreme, or Mizani True Textures Curl Define Pudding while you twist your hair, and sleep with a satin bonnet. This helps lock in moisture, and prepares your hair style for the next day.

Going natural can offer health benefits, and style versatility for your hair. It does not have to take all day to wash, condition, and style your hair, but it will require patients.

What are somethings you do to your natural hair that are essential to keeping it healthy? Please share with us.

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