Moisture Recovery

Revitalize extremely dry hair with Joico’s Moisture Recovery Line.

Moisture Recovery provides hydration, and smoothness to extremely dry tresses. This is the ultimate solution to restoring moisture without weighing down your hair. Moisture Recovery quenches hairs thirst with Joico’s bio-diverse Hydramine Sea Complex. Hydramine Sea Complex is a mixture of amino acids, botanicals from the sea and nourishing butters and oils. These ingredients can transform the most parched hair into softness. The Moisture Recovery line has a shampoo, conditioner and a 5 minute treatment balm.

In the salon this treatment cost:

– $60.00 and up for relaxed hair (includes blow dry and flat iron style, or roller set).

– $75.00 and up for natural hair (includes blow dry and flat iron style).

– All clients sit under our steamer for deep penetration of the Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm.

Moisture Recovery Shampoo is formulated with surfactants that cleanse the hair without stripping it of natural oils. This shampoo is packaged with the Moisture Recovery Conditioner for $20.00 plus sales tax.

The Moisture Recovery Conditioner is great for restoring moisture quickly but efficiently. This one minute conditioner will instantly detangle your hair. It will leave your hair soft and smooth, and easier to style. This conditioner is sold as a package with the shampoo for $20.00 plus sales tax.

This Treatment Balm is a top seller. Sophia loves this product because the moisture restored to hair is long lasting and for some textures of hair can penetrate without a heat source in just 5 minutes. It provides excellent slip and makes detangling hair more comfortable. It restores breakage and helps rejuvenate dry hair during winter. Some natural hair clients may need to sit under a steamer or other hood source if their hair is extremely dry. This balm should be used every other time you shampoo your hair because of the intense moisturizing properties. As with all products you need to learn your hair and use your own judgment. This Treatment Balm retails for $19.00 plus sales tax.

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