Maintain Your Relaxed Short Hair At Home

Maintain your hair

Maintaining short hair at home can be easy if you use the right tools and products.  

Try these 5 steps to style your short hair cut.

Step 1.  Have a go to shampoo and conditioner that provides moisture and heat protection to your hair but will not weigh your hair down.  I recommend CHI Keratin Shampoo and CHI Keratin Conditioner. The CHI Keratin product line reconstructs and moisturizes the hair at the same time.  Your hair will feel soft and the Keratin amino acids in the conditioner will provide a layer of protection on the hair, making the hair stronger, and sealing the hair’s cuticle.

Step 2. Wet wrap your hair using Aquage Silkening Oil Foam.  This foam is great for wet wraps because it provides your hair with smoothness, weightless moisture and thermal protection.  It is great for laying down your tapered hair along the back and sides of the head.  If you have color treated hair you can use this foam to seal in your color as well.

Step 3.  Use Graham Professional Mega Wrap Strips to keep your wet wrap in place. Wrap strips help keep the hair  smooth while the hair drys.  Sit under a hooded dryer for at least 30 minutes or until your hair is partially dry.  Once your hair is partially dry, you can let your wet wrap air dry the rest of the day or go to bed and let the wet wrap dry while you are a sleep.

Step 4.  Once your wet wrap is dry, use a small amount of heat protectant serum all over your hair.  I use Acai Brazilian Dry Oil by Brazilian Blowout for 450 degrees of protection.  Add a small amount of Jane Carter Nourish and Shine to your hair for extra shine and softness.

Step 5. Depending on your hair cut you can use a ceramic flat iron to curl your hair in the desired style or to add a little height and body to your hair.  FHI Heat Ceramic Flatirons are great for smoothing and curling any hair length.


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