What to know before you buy a flat iron

What do know before buying a Flat Iron

With so much information about hot tools available to us, it can be hard to choose the right iron that will smooth or curl your hair. When purchasing a flat iron, try to keep these things in mind.

Look for a flat iron that can straighten your hair using the lowest heat setting. 

Reviews.com, recommends finding “an iron that straightens your type hair at the lowest possible heat setting with the fewest passes.” This is true because too many passes with the flat iron, in addition to using high heat temperatures can cause heat damage, split ends, and hair breakage along the hair shaft.

Reviews.com explains that plate materials are important when choosing the right flat iron for your hair. They point out that ceramic and titanium plates are best.

According to reviews.com, “ceramic plates deliver a very gentle, far-infrared heat that locks moisture into your hair while emitting negative ions. Those little ions close the hair’s cuticles, working to smooth strands and cut frizz. Titanium plates are a favorite of professional stylists and it’s not hard to understand why — they’re super smooth, heat up fast, and are lightweight.”

I would not recommend using titanium plated flat irons at home. The plates get very hot, which can cause massive hair breakage. If you want to use a titanium plated iron at home, use the lowest heat setting you can to get your hair straight. This will prevent over straightening your hair, whether you have straight or textured hair.

Do you want the iron to curl or smooth out your hair? 

Some flat irons are designed to straighten your hair while others are created to curl only.  There are flat irons that are capable of doing both but when using one of these flat irons, you need to take into consideration your hair texture.  If you have naturally straight or relaxed hair, you can get your hair smooth and create curls using one iron.

Reviews.com had hair stylist, and women at home test the Bio Ionic 10X Pro Styling ceramic iron. Both sides agreed that the flat iron is a great tool to straighten and curl the hair.

Flat irons for naturally curly, wavy, coily or textured hair

In the salon, I use a TurboIon Croc Infrared 1 inch flat iron to straighten natural hair.  Croc straightening irons are super thin making them perfect to smooth out textured hair at the roots which can be difficult sometimes. It also has one ceramic plate and one titanium plate.  The ceramic plate helps to seal in moisture and the titanium plate smooths out frizz and adds shine.

Invest in different flat iron sizes

I recommend the FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron (1/2″) for those hard to smooth out areas. These areas include the back of the head or hair around the hair line.  You can use this iron to style short pixie cuts as well.  This flat iron is so small that is can smooth out your hair and you will not have to worry about burning yourself.

Pay close attention to the heat settings

Try to purchase an iron with multiple heating settings instead of two settings such as on and off. Whether your hair is fine, medium or course, you want to have control of the heat you are using to achieve ultimate smoothness or prevent hair damage.  

Purchase an iron with a warranty

Make sure to purchase your iron from an authorized distributor and find out what is the warranty on the flat iron.  If there is a defect with the flat iron, and you have a warranty, you should be able to get a replacement iron depending on the company’s policy.    

Know the difference between ceramic, tourmaline and titanium plates

Ceramic plates

According to hotairbrushreviews.com, “ceramic is a non-metallic, inorganic material that distributes the heat evenly across the surface. This ensures that there are no cold or overheated spots and the potential of damaging your hair due to heat is also diminished.”

Try one of these ceramic plated flat irons.

Tourmaline plates

Hotairbrushreviews.com says, “the beauty of tourmaline is that it emits negative ions when it is heated up.  That sounds very technical but it is easy to explain.  The reason many people have frizzy and static hair is because of the positive ions in the atmosphere.  These come from chemicals, electricity and even heat.  Tourmaline has the ability to convert these positive ions into negative ions which results in smooth, shiny and soft hair.”

Tourmaline Irons you can try:

Titanium plates

“Titanium is a lightweight, low-density lustrous metal that offers high temperature stability. Compared to ceramic, titanium can heat up much faster, within seconds, while distributing the heat evenly throughout the surface. It also has a higher ionic charge that makes hair straight and sleek in lesser time.” Notes hotairbrushreviews.com.  I recommend not using titanium irons on your hair at home.  These can cause sever heat damage because they get extremely hot and are designed to be used for smoothing and keratin treatments in a salon.

Some examples of titanium plated irons are:

Go to hotairbrushreviews.com to find out about flat irons that fir into your budget and work great to smooth out your hair with minimal damage. Remember to use thermal protectant serum or spray before flat ironing or curling your hair.

Need more flat iron recommendations? Check out reviews.com

What is your favorite flat iron and why?

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