What Is The HairMax Laser Comb?

The HairMax LaserComb does not, cut or burn the skin and uses cool low level laser therapy to help stimulate hair growth.

The HairMax LaserComb is beneficial to people who have androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia is a type of thinning that takes place in the front, temples and crown areas of the scalp. This type of hair loss varies in pattern depending on the individual and whether you are male or female. The main factors that lead to androgenetic alopecia are one, a genetic predisposition and two, how sensitive your follicles are to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Dihydrotestosterone causes follicles to shrink, and shortens the hairs natural growth cycle.  This process is constant, and can be treated by using therapies that inhibit dihydrotestosterone. The picture below shows how dihydrotestosterone impacts the scalp at different stages.

Diffuse Hair Loss via Crown Worthy

How does the HairMax LaserComb Work? 

The HairMax LaserComb works through process called Phyto–Biostimulation.

According to HairMax, “light is energy.” “Your hair follicles are able to use this energy to activate new hair growth. Increasing the cellular energy and blood flow extends the hairs natural growth cycle, resulting in new hair growth with increased density, fullness and vibrancy.”

Does the HairMax LaserComb work for other types of alopecia?

Although the HairMax LaserComb is designed for androgenetic alopecia, it has also helped people who have traction alopecia, and may help reduce inflammation for people who have cicatricial alopecia. Cicatricial alopecia results in permanent loss of hair follicles. Once the hair follicles are destroyed, the hair can not grow.

Are the results of the HairMax LaserComb guaranteed? 

There is no guarantee that low level laser therapy can regrow hair. The key is to be consistent, and to use the HairMax LaserComb, as directed. Use minoxidil with laser therapy for increased results. It is important to know that sometimes you will not get hair regrowth, but you will be able to retain the hair you have left, so you experience less hair loss.

Do you have to use the Hair Density products with the HairMax LaserComb?

The Hair Density products are designed to slow down thinning of the hair, but they are not strong enough to enter the skin, and block dihydrotestosterone. They are sulfate free, safe for colored treated hair, and made to maximize the results of the HairMax LaserComb.

Why using minoxidil can help increase the results of the HairMax LaserComb?

Minoxidil is a drug approved by the FDA to regrow hair. Minoxidil helps hairs stay thicker, and not turn into thin, vellus hairs. HairMax has a 2% minoxidil for women and 5% for men. Minoxidil works with continued use. Once you stop using minoxidil any hair you have regrown will fall out.

The earlier you start treatment for your hair loss, the better your chances of restoring your hair. The key is to get diagnosed the moment you sense your hair is thinning. See a dermatologist, or a trichologist to find out what type of hair loss you have, and what can be done about it.

Have you ever tried the HairMax LaserComb before? Did you have good results?

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