Hair Care Items You Need For College

Hair Care Items You Need For College

If you are going to college for the first time or returning back to school, you need to have go to items to maintain hair health.  Some people decide to do protective styles throughout college while others take care of their hair on their own.  Whatever you decide, these are the back to school essentials you will need.

 A shampoo that keeps proper moisture balance & cleanses well

While you are away at school you should plan your wash day around the time you have less work load and you are not flustered with deadlines. Use shampoos that soften your hair really well and prevent tangles. I recommend Affirm MoistureRight Clarifying Shampoo.  It gently clarifies your hair without stripping away moisture.  It also leaves the hair feeling soft which is especially helpful for curly girls. One tip for cleansing your own hair is to manipulate the scalp and not your hair.  This wash day technique will result in less tangles.

Use a conditioner that adds slip and helps detangle

You need to have conditioner that helps remove tangles. Look for conditioners with the ingredient behentrimonium methosulfaten, it will make combing your hair out a breeze.  You may not be able to use a steamer or hooded dryer in your dorm room but you can still increase how well the conditioner penetrates your hair by applying a plastic cap and then a hot towel around your head for 10 to 15 minutes.

Must have conditioners for back to school include:

Get a detangling comb or brush

Please do not leave home without a wide tooth comb or Denman Brush.  One or both of these tools is essential in removing tangles and nots from the hair. When detangling your hair, first saturate your hair with enough conditioner to make the hair soft. Start at the nape of the head.  Take small sections and comb out your hair from the ends going up to the roots. If you are natural, create a twist or bantu knot with the hair that has been detangled to have more control and keep tangled hair from mixing with detangled hair. If you are relaxed and your hair tends to tangle, you can use this technique as well.  Place a plastic cap on your head after all the hair is detangled and let the conditioner process. Use the heated towel method to help the conditioner penetrate further. You can purchase a Denamn Brush that has 5 to 7 rows if you want to use it to detangle.

Purchase satin sleep wear

You need to protect your hair at night with a silk scarf if you wear your hair straight.  If you wear twist outs or other natural styles, you need to have a satin bonnet to help maintain your style and keep your hair moisturized.  It is a good idea to purchase a satin pillow case for those young ladies whose hair wear comes off at night. The satin pillow case can be used as back up protection.

Satin or silk scarves, head bands, turbans are hair accessories.  They can be worn as a style for bad hair days or when you do not have time to mess with your hair.  You can purchase scarves and other hair wear in a variety of colors and they are a very inexpensive way to add flair to your outfit.

Ceramic hot tools

For some, wearing their hair straight is easier but just remember not to use an excessive amount of heat on your hair.  You do not want to cause heat damage which can be hard, sometimes impossible to reverse and may have to result in a haircut.  Invest in a ceramic blow dryer.  Use a towel to blot out excess water, then proceed to blow dry your hair. You can use Jane Carter Hair Nourishing Cream before you blow dry.

You can use Fhi Heat Platform Ionic Flat Iron to curl your hair, but if you are looking for a flat iron that will straighten and last long, try Croc Classic Infrared Flat Iron.  It smooths out your hair and you will notice that you will not have to repeat ironing your hair throughout the week unless you sweat or are exposed to moisture.  Both of these irons smooth the hair without drying the hair and adds high shine. Always use a heat protectant like Joico K – Pak Protect and Shine Serum. You can click on to find flat iron reviews that work great and fit in to your budget.


A great go to style while you are in school is either a top knot, bun or ponytail.  These hair styles are realistic and take less than 10 minutes to achieve. Be care not to pull your buns or ponytails too tight.  Make sure to use barrettes and ponytail holders that have no metal to pull out your hair.  Companies like Goody and Cyndibands make healthy hair ties and ponytail holders.

Pomade & wax sticks

You cannot leave home without a wax stick or pomade to smooth out and lay down the hair around your edges and nape area.  I recommend Kera Care Styling Wax Stick. It will lay down flyways for ponytails and buns. It holds the hair down without the hardness or stickiness of gel or edge tamers. Jane Carter Nourish and Shine can also be used in a very small amount to tame fly away hair and add shine to your ponytail.

Hydrating creams

If you are natural and wear your hair in twist outs and a wash and go, you will need a hydrating crème to retain the moisture in your hair.  At night, try to protect your hair with chunky twist and protect with a silk bonnet.  Before twisting, make sure to use a hydrator.

Try one of these hydrators to start.

If you are relaxed, you still need to hydrate your hair when it feels dry.  I recommend using Affrim MoistureRight Light Crème Hairdress.  This product will not weigh your hair down but leave it feeling soft.

Do not feel overwhelmed if you cannot purchase everything mentioned above. Buy the items you feel are essential to you and your hair.  You can always borrow tools such as blow dryers or flat irons from friends at school.  You can also swipe products with friends that do not work for you. In the end the goal is to focus, get great college grades , stay stress free and maintain healthy hair.  I wish you all the best.

What products do you pack when you go back to college?

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