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4 Reasons Why Your Hairline Is Thinning

Is your hairline thin, short, or simply showing the scalp, with no hair present? The area in question may feel smooth, or look shiny, which may be a sign of permanent hair loss. The only way to confirm this, is to see a dermatologist, or trichologist who can let you know the type of condition you have, and what you can do about it. Here are four reasons why your hair line is thinning.

Wearing styles that cause tension on the scalp.

Hair styles that place excessive amounts of tension on the scalp can cause the follicles to become inflamed. Tight braids, extensions or locks are some examples. When the hair follicles stay inflamed for long periods of time, it can lead to permanent hair loss, also known as traction alopecia. The scalp may also feel smooth, and have a shine, which is due to follicle damage. Once follicle damage takes place, the hair cannot grow back.

How can you avoid traction alopecia?

  • Take breaks throughout the year so you are not wearing hair additions only.
  • Limit the weight of the artificial hair you add to your braids, or twist.
  • Do not pull locks, or braids up into styles that pull your hair tight.

Do not leave chemicals on the scalp for too long.

I do not recommend doing chemical services at home. Go to a licensed cosmetologist, who is trained, and skilled to do chemical services. Relaxers, permanent dyes, and other chemicals can lead to hair loss, and hair breakage when they are left on the scalp too long. Do not leave chemicals on the scalp if you feel burning. Have the stylist wash the chemical off the scalp immediately. When getting a relaxer service, make sure the relaxer is placed on the hair around the hairline last. The hairline is a fragile area of the scalp, and tends to burn faster than other areas of the scalp. Precaution must be taken when relaxing this area to prevent damage.

Try to protect your scalp while wearing a wig.

Wearing wigs can help protect your hair from over manipulating, or allow you to wear different hair styles without compromising the health of your own hair. In contrast to wearing extensions, wigs give you access to your hair so you can shampoo your entire scalp without the cornrows, and tracks of extensions getting in the way. Wigs can cause your hairline to thin if you wear a wig that is too small for your head, or if you put the adjustable straps of the wig to tight. Protect your hair line with the use of a Malano Wigrip. It is a velvet adjustable head band that protects your hairline from damage under wigs, and helps the wig stay on the head. Make sure to wear wigs that are the correct size for your head. You can measure your head, or have a wig custom made so your wig fits properly.

Infection of the scalp.

Sometimes the thinning around your hair line could be a sign of a scalp infection. A fungal or bacterial infection on the scalp may result in dry, itchy scalp. Your scalp may flake, and you may experience hair breakage that grows back, but continues to break. The hair breakage tends to moves around the head, and can only be treated with anti-fungal medication which must be prescribed by a dermatologist.


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