3 Serums That Protect, Shine and Soften the Hair

Protect Your Hair

Serums are formulated to add shine to your hair, protect strands from heat damage and seal the hairs cuticle.  The cuticle is the outside layer of the hair and protects one of the hair’s inner layers, called the cortex.  The cortex provides strength, elasticity and our hairs natural pigment called melanin.

Using a serum is very important when you use any type of hot tool to style your hair.  I recommend Affirm StyleRight Laminate Spray.  I like this spray because it is light enough to spray on the hair without weighing the hair down.  It has Phytosterols which helps to soften the hair and reduce fly-aways.  It is formulated with alma extract which helps to add shine and has argan, pequi and buriti oil which makes the hair smooth. You can use this spray before you blow dry your hair or prior to curling and flat ironing.

If you like a serum that you can pump out into your hand, try Joico K-Pak Protect and Shine Serum.  With this product, you will have more control with placement of the product. Using to much will weigh your hair down, which can happen with most serums.  I like the Joico Protect and Shine Serum because of the ingredients.  It has Joico’s special Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex and Keratin Silicone Complex that protect, strengthen and seal the cuticle of the hair. If the cuticle of the hair is not protected when you apply heat, it can cause hair breakage because the cortex of the hair is exposed.  You can use about one drop before blow drying and another drop right before you flat iron your hair.  You will love the high shine your hair has and the product smells great.

If you have color treated hair or chemically treated hair, you can use Joico’s K-Pak Color Therapy Restorative Styling Oil.  This oil can be used to protect your hair from heat and add shine.  If the ends of your hair feel dry, this oil can restore softness without weighing the hair down. Inside the oil, is Joico’s Quadrabond Peptide Complex which fills in the cracks along the hair shaft to help with strengthening.

When used in small amounts, serums can enhance the look and feel of your hair.  They can also conceal split ends if you skip trims sometimes. Make sure to use a serum with protective ingredients in them.  Ingredients such as keratin, ceramides and silicone are perfect because they prevent damage while using hot tools.

What are some of your favorite serums and why?


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