3 Protective Styles That Do Not Put Tension On Your Scalp.

3 protective styles that do not add tension to the scalp

Wearing protective styles can help rest your hair and reduce the time it takes for styling and over all maintenance.  If you are not careful, you can get hair loss from a protective style that is braided or attached to tight.  Any type of pulling on the scalp creates tension which can lead to inflammation of the hair follicles.  If hair follicles are inflamed for too long, you can get permanent hair loss, also called scarring alopecia. These are three suggestions on how you can protect your hair and minimize tension on the scalp.

Use wigs to protect your hair

Use Wigs to Protect Your Hair

Wearing a wig is perfect for protecting your hair.  You can use a wig if you have natural or relaxed hair.  It is a healthier option than a sew in weave because you can plait or corn row your hair loose and do not have to stitch down any extension hair which can add excessive weight to your scalp and cause hair loss if it is worn to often.

Wigs allow you the freedom to shampoo your hair and scalp because you can take the wig off and put it back on whenever you need to.  It is important to shampoo your hair on a weekly basis if you want to create a healthy environment on the scalp for your hair to grow.  Extensions on the other hand, make it quite difficult to cleanse your scalp properly.  You can only do your best at keeping the scalp clean until you take out the extensions.

The braids under the extensions can smell like mildew if you do not let them dry properly.  When you wear a wig, you do not have to worry about any scalp odor because you can take your braids down, cleanse, condition and blow dry your hair thoroughly.

Two strand twist up do

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You can create pin up’s or an up do hair style using braids or twist. Do a style that does not require you to add hair.  You can use pretty silk or satin scarves to accessorize the style, or keep the style in place with a few hair or bobby pins.  The key is to keep the twist or braid loose but pinned up for more security and style.  You can create french rolls, twisted buns or chunky goddess braids using your hair. These styles can be worn to school or work and do not take a lot of time to create.

Wear a bun or loose ponytail

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A simple bun or ponytail is a quick style to achieve in the morning or the night before you go to bed.  You can do a top knot bun or a chignon bun that is positioned right at the nape of the neck.  If you choose to wear a ponytail instead, make sure to use accessories that do not cause hair breakage.  Stay away from ponytail holders with metal parts.  If you use edge tamers or gel to smooth down your edges, make sure you use a small amount to reduce product build up and try not to pull the ponytail to tight which can cause thinning around the hairline.

Are there any styles you wear that protect your hair with out pulling the hair or scalp too tight? Share your no tension hair style with us. 

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