Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction is a treatment designed to mend, and seal split ends, which will help you retain length.




How long does the treatment take?

This treatment is applied specifically to your ends after your normal conditioner is rinsed out. The Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction treatment takes 10 minutes, and it is left in the hair.

How does the Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction treatment work?

Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction has advanced bio reparative complex in it. This ingredient works on the inner layers of hair. It helps prevent, and mend cuticle cracking. The Thermo-Marine Bonding System is activated by heat. It uses protein-enriched technology to bind split ends.

How is this treatment different from a protein treatment?

Protein treatments temporarily fill in the outer layers of the hair. Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction provides strength to the outer, and inner layers of the hair, and the results last 4 weeks. Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction treatment provides stronger, smoother split ends with each use of the treatment, and will not leave the hair hard,  or dry after it is used.

Does this treatment work on all hair textures?

Yes. This treatment can be used on natural, or relaxed hair.

Can I get the treatment if I have permanent color, or highlights in my hair?

Yes. The treatment works best on chemically processed hair. It helps restore split ends, by filling the fibers with nutrient rich proteins. Please note that the Split End Correction treatment will take place  after color or chemical services for the best results.

How often can I get the treatment?

This treatment can be done every four weeks.

Do I have to trim or cut my hair?

Yes. In order to prevent your ends from tearing, you need to keep a routine schedule of trimming. Try to trim, or cut your hair every 3 months, or the same day you get your relaxer touch up.

How much does the treatment cost?

This is an add on service. It cost $15.00 extra. For relaxed hair it will cost $76.00, for natural hair, this service cost $90.00

(These prices include sales tax)