What happens during the trichology consultation?

During the first consultation personal, and family medical history are evaluated. Genetics, diet, nutrition, and medications are documented to help find the cause of the problem. Several factors can lead to hair loss, which can trigger more than one type of hair loss to take place on your scalp. This is why a combination of treatments will have to be used to help address your problem.

Your hair is examined to distinguish hair loss (long strands that fallout from the hair root), from hair breakage (a fracture on the hair shaft).

A digital microscope is used to examine your scalp. You are able to see the results on a computer screen in front of you. The microscope magnifies the scalp 50x zoom. If hair loss is your issue, Sophia looks for all possible signs. Some examples of the signs she looks for include patterns of hair loss, loss of follicles, how the scalp feels, and if there is any redness, or inflamation.

There are some scalp conditions that require you to go to a doctor for further testing before recommendations for treatments can be made. It is important to be patient during this process so that you can get the proper assessment.

You may need to bring in lab test results even though your doctor advises you that your results came back normal. Your blood test results can be normal for body health. For hair health, the levels are slightly different. This is why trichologist ask you to bring in a copy of your blood test results.

There is no guarantee with any form of treatment for hair loss. Medications, topical therapies, laser therapy, and other treatments are recommendations, and can help restore hair, or stabilize your condition so it does not spread in size, but I can not promise hair regrowth. Treatments used for hair loss is not a one size fits all approach. Therapy has to be customized based on the person, and other factors concerning the individual and their hair loss.

How much does a trichology consultations cost? 

A consultation is $85.00. Trichologist are not medical doctors, and do not take insurance. All consultations are private and confidential. Sophia works by appointment only, and a $40.00 deposit is required to schedule an appointment. Consultations last one hour to forty five minutes.