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How Olaplex Helps To Reduce Breakage?

Olaplex is an innovative in salon treatment that helps reduce breakage before, after and during chemical services.  Olaplex is not a protein or moisturizing conditioner. It is a professional in salon treatment that realigns the strong disulfide bonds that brake in the hair during chemical services. What are disulphide bonds? Disulfide bonds are the strongest […]

Maintain Your Relaxed Short Hair At Home

Maintaining short hair at home can be easy if you use the right tools and products.   Try these 5 steps to style your short hair cut. Step 1.  Have a go to shampoo and conditioner that provides moisture and heat protection to your hair but will not weigh your hair down.  I recommend CHI Keratin […]

Are “No Poo” Cleansers Better?

In the salon I use clarifying shampoos instead of “no poo” or “cleansing conditioners”.  Clarifying shampoos remove product build-up off the hair and scalp.  Your deep conditioners will penetrate into the hair when a clarifying shampoo is used because there is a clean palette to start with. “No poo” products or “cleansing conditioners” condition your […]

What is Alopecia Areata?

Alopecia areata forms smooth bald circular or oval patches of hair loss anywhere on the body.  The scalp and beard are the most common areas for the patches of hair loss.  The patches of hair loss can progress to total hair loss of the scalp which is called alopecia totalis or loss of all body […]

Transitioning out of Hair Extensions

Many women are afraid of coming out of extensions especially if hair extensions are the only hair style they wear.  Some women don’t like the length, density or health of their own hair, and for that reason refuse to come out of hair extensions.  Hair extensions have many qualities.  They help build confidence, provide a […]

What is diffuse hair loss?

  Diffuse hair loss can be defined as excessive hair loss all over the scalp.  With this type of hair loss the follicles are present and you will never go bald because the hair that falls is replaced by new hair. You start to notice your hair is thinning with diffuse hair loss because the rate […]