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4 Reasons Why Your Hairline Is Thinning

Is your hairline thin, short, or simply showing the scalp, with no hair present? The area in question may feel smooth, or look shiny, which may be a sign of permanent hair loss. The only way to confirm this, is to see a dermatologist, or trichologist who can let you know the type of condition […]

3 Reasons Why You Need to Stop Relaxing Your Hair

Relaxing your hair makes maintaining your hair at home easy. It helps cut down the time it takes to wash, condition and style your hair. Some people like to relax their hair because they know their hair will not revert when exposed to moisture. Relaxers have benefits, but because of improper use, relaxers have a […]

3 Serums That Protect, Shine and Soften the Hair

Serums are formulated to add shine to your hair, protect strands from heat damage and seal the hairs cuticle.  The cuticle is the outside layer of the hair and protects one of the hair’s inner layers, called the cortex.  The cortex provides strength, elasticity and our hairs natural pigment called melanin. Using a serum is […]