Sophia Emmanuel is a independent hairstylist who runs her business Crown Worthy inside of  Mane Advocates salon.

Crown Worthy Mission

Sophia Emmanuel’s mission is to offer you a cocktail of services that cater to your hair and beauty needs, timely but efficiently. Her primary concern is to offer you solutions.  She will always use professional brand products that deliver results.  She values learning about new products and services because she understands that customer needs are constantly changing.

What is a trichologist?

A trichologist helps people who have problems with their hair and scalp.  Some of these problems include excessive hair loss from the scalp, severe breakage after receiving a chemical service, a bald patch which has suddenly appeared or itching and excessive scaling of the scalp. Sophia Emmanuel is a qualified trichologist.  She has been taught to find the cause of the problem, and offer solutions specific to your needs. If the problem is beyond the scope of trichology, Sophia Emmanuel will refer you to a medical doctor who can assist you further.

 Sophia’s Trichology Services Include:

  • – Hair & scalp assessments
  • – Scalp treatments
  • – Hair breakage treatments
  • – Laser therapy

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